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Marlborough Antiques & Restorations offer a complete restoration service from simple re-polishing, to total hand-stripping and re-finishing. From retro furniture, antiques, chairs, country pine tables and Victorian cedar chests of drawers, through to architectural items with particular emphasis on fireplaces and mantlepieces.
As the market has changed so have we, so 20th Century furniture is from chairs to tables, from Parker to Wegner.  We do it all, and can organise fantastic upholstery through Classique Upholstery in Ulladulla, whose work is both reasonable and A1 quality.
Obviously chairs are a favourite, but all furniture is more than welcome.


Marlborough Antiques & Restorations use only first quality rattan chair cane and offer expert workmanship in: 
* hand caning
* blind caning
* double-sided caning
* intricate or unusual patterns and shapes 
* sheet caning  

Rush Seating 

Replacing rush seating can be problematic.  With rush a prohibited import into Australia, many restorers use sea-grass cord as a substitute.  This can give an inferior result due to the coarse texture of the material and the amount of stretch that occurs with use.
At Marlborough Antiques, we have developed a method of weaving twisted paper cord that bears a much closer resemblance to rush in texture and twist and provides equal, if not superior properties of endurance.

Marlborough Antiques is the place to come when you are looking for furniture restoration, when you need to get your favourite chair hand-caned, or when you would like to buy retro furniture.  You can buy our retro furniture online or come visit us in our store located in Milton, on the beautiful south coast of NSW.  We have over 25 years of experience in furniture restoration, and are masters of our craft.  We also offer a pick up and delivery service to Sydney.

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